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Eden Sponge set of 3 (round)

Eden Sponge set of 3 (round)

Set of 3, black, grey and pink striped round pads.


These Eco-friendly CLEAN SPONGE pads clean deep into the pores thanks to fibres that are 100 times finer than human hair. They are a perfect alternative to one-time use make up wipes and cotton pads that pollute our oceans.

You will be helping to keep your skin healthier and cleaner without contributing to the earths pollution the way one time use makeup wipes do.


Round pads are 11.5cm.

Square pads 11.5cm (diagonal)


Eden sponges are:-

Reusable hundreds of times and can be washed by hand or in a washing machine.

Perfect for travelling.

Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.


How to use:


Soak the sponge in water, press the excess water out before using.


Gently wipe the CLEAN SPONGE across your face to remove makeup, dirt and oil.


For harder to remove makeup, press the wet sponge for 5-10 seconds before wiping away.


Clean your sponge by hand or machine wash and air dry.

They can be used in your daily routine for makeup removal, cleansing and toning.

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